About Us

I had a lovely piece written for this page that delved into the MDC Retail origin story. It was well written and quite adorable. However it is now lost to the eternal abyss that holds many a lost story, manuscripts, left socks, and hair ties.

I was going to recreate it, but that sounded exhausting, which falls in line with the whole MDC brand, so I thought ehh, most people don’t read the about us page anyway but here’s the jist of it:

It’s a running joke in our family about my lack of ability to do anything that is remotely domestic. Cooking, cleaning, baking, organization- well id just rather not. When I was a young mom I tried, truly I did but my brain is just not wired that way, I mean I got by and my kids are older and thriving but I was hard on myself because I didn’t fit the mold of what society tells us a mom should be. I would even say that I hated myself for not fitting into this ideal and assumed that it was a reflection of my inability to function as a normal person.

Now, I’ve learned to embrace it.

So this brand (if you will) is an homage to my children and the time we spent together laughing, playing and being downright nerdy about everything from video games to dinosaurs. And if there is one thing I learned from raising my children, it’s that your kids don’t care that mommy doesn’t cook, they only care that she loves them.